Family Law – Location, Location, Location or Relocation

Relocation agreements are one of the hardest family matters to resolve without emotional angst.  As the end of the year comes closer cities such as Townsville experience a large amount of relocation matters.

If moving is going to limit the time your child/ren live with or spend with a parent or another significant person in their lives, a court may not give permission. Accordingly, the Family Law Court of Australia recommends that in the first instance “If your child/ren primarily lives with you and you need to relocate, you should first try to talk to the other party.”

If a relocation agreement cannot be made you can gain assistance from our experienced family law team to prepare a parenting plan that will consider the best interest and welfare of the child/ren. 

Don’t hop on that big jet plane without the consent of the other party, as the court may order the return of the child/ren until an agreement can be reached.  This also is relevant for holiday and overseas travel arrangements. If traveling for holidays always be sure to provide a full itinerary including contact number for relatives and hotels.

If you have further questions or need assistance to with a relocation agreement or parenting plan, please contact CBC Lawyers in Townsville & Ayr. 

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