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We Operate Throughout Queensland

Need help with a family dispute in Townsville? Recently lost your driver’s licence and worried about being able to work in Mt Isa? Whatever your legal issue is, CBC Lawyers are here to offer professional assistance! We provide guidance to clients throughout Queensland, including Townsville, the Burdekin, Mt Isa and Brisbane.

Pre-emptive and Reactive Advice

Life can sometimes seem nice and easy, with everything running smoothly and not a problem in the world to worry about. Then, one day, everything changes! Uncertainty can be just around the corner. The question is, are you prepared to face it? At CBC Lawyers, we can help.

Whether you require succession planning, help with writing a will, or just a little legal assistance when things go wrong, we will ensure you receive the support you require. Call (07) 4772 3644 to speak with us today.