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Do you live or work remotely and require legal assistance? Perhaps you’ve just lost your license and need to explore whether you can obtain a work license, so you don’t lose your job. Whatever your legal needs are in Townsville and other parts of the state, reach out to Crosby Brosnan Creen (CBC) Lawyers. We strive to solve our clients’ legal problems – however large or minor they may seem – across all areas of law and across the state.

Our friendly team offer personalised services, tailored to your particular circumstances. We are able to provide:

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With over 40 years’ combined legal experience; principals Michael and Sandra Clive have helped clients in all areas of law including:
Having represented individuals, family trusts, partnerships, SMEs, not-for-profits—you name it—we’re well placed to provide advice for all types of entities. Working hard for our clients behind the scenes are our experienced senior associates, solicitors and paralegals. When you reach out to CBC Lawyers, our entire team have got your back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Civil law governs behaviour in relation to issues that impact your everyday life, such as discrimination, unpaid debts, tenancy disputes, etc. Breaching civil law rarely amounts to an offence under criminal law.

In Queensland, if you happen to lose your licence, you may be eligible for a special hardship order — which allows you to drive under specific conditions. If your offence was a little more serious than speeding—for instance, drink or drug driving—you may be eligible for a restricted work licence. In both of these instances, there are strict criteria and you’ll need to ‘state-your-case’. For assistance, call CBC Lawyers on (07) 4772 3644.