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Residential Conveyancing

Buying or selling a home or residential unit can be one of the largest financial transactions that you will ever enter into.  It is also a complex transaction with complicated legal issues and the involvement of various people and organisations including real estate agents, banks, Government departments, the other party to the transaction and their lawyers.  The consequences of any oversights or mistakes could have a severe impact on you.

CBC’s residential conveyancing matters are conducted by highly trained specialist Conveyancers in our Residential Conveyancing Division, Conveyancing Cottage.

Our Conveyancers are able to provide a personal, cost effective conveyancing service in a friendly but professional way. Based in Townsville, we help clients throughout North Queensland including Mt Isa and the Burdekin.

Our Conveyancers are happy to review your Contract, especially before you sign, and discuss the following points and more with you:

  • Standard Residential House & Land Contracts and it’s terms and conditions, including your rights regarding finance and the building and pest inspections;
  • Auction Contracts – their meaning and effect on you;
  • Off-the-plan Contracts – the impact on you of the special conditions usually attached to this type of Contract;
  • The cooling off period – your rights and the penalty you may have to pay;
  • Payment of the deposit – your obligations;
  • Any easements and covenants affecting Title of the property you are buying or selling;
  • Cost estimates including transfer duty (formerly known as stamp duty) and other disbursements such as searches and registration fees;
  • Transfer duty and any concessions available to you; and
  • Any other matters you may have concerns about.

In addition to standard home and land conveyances, we are also able to represent clients in any other matters that involve the transfer of ownership of houses and land such as transferring ownership to a company, Trust or Superannuation Fund to protect the asset and/or obtain taxation benefits, or to transfer property between parties following a relationship breakdown.

Conveyancing Cottage CBC Lawyers

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The Conveyancing Cottage is the residential division of Crosby Brosnan & Creen Lawyers.

What Is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of property from one party to another; typically it refers to buying or selling a home or other residential building.  There’s no doubt that buying or selling your home is complicated – it involves a large number of different stakeholders such as banks, real estate agents, other property owners and lawyers, and can sometimes be a lengthy process.

Conveyancing can certainly be an anxious time, regardless of whether you’re the buyer or seller.

It is important to make sure that it is done properly.  You don’t want to find out some time in the future that there is a problem with ownership of your own home.

Getting the right legal services and guidance can really help to make the process run more smoothly and give you confidence that it has been done correctly. Our dedicated residential conveyancing division is here to support you throughout your journey.

The role of our conveyancers is to guide you through the conveyancing process from the exchange of contracts to make sure you understand your agreement through to settlement. 

Choosing the services of our conveyancing team can help you to make sure your contract is correctly and properly drawn up and that you get trustworthy advice and expertise throughout every step of the process.

Our residential conveyancing division provides a range of different conveyancing services to meet a variety of different needs. The team are able to take on a number of responsibilities such as preparing if there is no agent involved, preparing transfer documentation and acting as the contact point between you and other stakeholders.

We’ll address the complexities of conveyancing so that your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Why Choose Our Team?

Our team are the lawyers and conveyancing paralegals Townsville residents can rely on. We’re highly trained legal specialists with a detailed understanding of conveyancing law, and we take pride in providing accurate, honest advice to all of our clients.

Our cost-effective conveyancing services give you high-quality legal support at a competitive price, helping you to get the most out of your property exchange regardless of whether you’re buying or selling.

We’re known for our friendly and professional attitude and our commitment to supporting clients who are involved in conveyancing Townsville-wide.

The team deliver fantastic customer service as well as leading legal advice and services, giving you total confidence that you’re in safe hands with CBC. We strive to ensure that every client’s needs are met, aiming to make every exchange a positive experience by taking responsibility for their legal requirements.

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If you’re looking for dependable conveyancing lawyers in Townsville and North Queensland, CBC can help.

Whether you’re buying or selling in the region, we have the specialised knowledge and experience that you require to ensure that your conveyance proceeds smoothly and correctly.

With many years of experience in conveyancing law, you can have real confidence in our honest advice and dependable legal services.

We’re trusted local legal experts in multiple areas of the law such a commercial and property law, as well as having an in-depth understanding of conveyancing, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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