Our Agribusiness Team was founded by Noel Brosnan who is a very well-known and respected figure in rural legal circles and is now continued by Michael and Sandra. Based in Townsville, we help clients throughout North Queensland including Mt Isa and the Burdekin.

Michael and Sandra grew up in small rural towns. They have an intimate understanding, from many years of personal experience, of the problems that those living and working in rural and remote areas face.

CBC’s experienced Agribusiness Team are able to solve any legal problem confronting those living and working in the bush, from succession planning to mining leases on pastoral properties and everything in between.

We can assist our Agribusiness clients with:

  • Property sales and purchases
  • Succession planning
  • Agistment
  • Mining compensation
  • Water issues
  • Finance, mortgages and loan agreements
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Land holding disputes
  • Renewable energy

We are here to help solve problems. 

We can assist you with solving any legal problems confronting those living in the country including

Benefit from Our Agriculture Experience

At CBC Lawyers, we’re deeply invested in our local rural and farming communities. Michael and Sandra, our two principals, both grew up in the small, sugar cane-farming Burdekin District. With Michael and Sandra leading it, our Agribusiness Team has an intimate understanding of the unique challenges facing those living and working in rural and remote areas, having lived there themselves. We understand the unique legal needs of the agricultural sector in Townsville, the Burdekin, and surrounding areas, and provide a range of services to safeguard your interests and facilitate long-term viability of your rural business.

From succession planning to rural property sales and purchases, the team at CBC Lawyers offers tailored advice and solutions for our Agribusiness clients. With our wide-ranging expertise and pragmatic approach, we can help navigate the regulatory landscape, mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities to protect and grow your agribusiness operations. So, if you’re a rural business operating in the Townsville region, contact CBC Lawyers today.

A View Of A Farmland


Agribusiness Lawyers are legal professionals who specialise in laws relating to the primary production and agricultural sectors. This includes everything from land transactions and water rights to environmental regulations and contract negotiations. At CBC Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, tailored legal services which address the unique needs and challenges of our Agribusiness clients.

Our Agribusiness Lawyers have a genuine understanding of the primary production and agricultural industries and their supply chain – from grazing and farm production to marketing and sales. We can assist our clients with legal matters relating to: Rural Property Sales and Purchases, Finance, Mortgages and Loan Agreements, Succession Planning and Family Trusts, Agistment Agreements, Share Farming and Leasing and Renewing Crown Leases (including Rolling Leases).

We can also help with Land Holding Disputes, Mining Compensation, Water Rights, Workplace Health & Safety, Renewable Energy and Native Title. For those in cattle grazing, we can assist with registering cattle on agistment and other interests on the PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register), as well as cattle grids, stock routes and permits to occupy.

These regions offer a wealth of agribusiness opportunities. Their favourable climate and rich, fertile lands create ideal conditions for a diverse range of agricultural activities. This, coupled with supportive local policies and a strong community, makes the region an attractive destination to start up an agribusiness venture.

Agricultural land is incredibly prevalent in the region, accounting for 85% of the land area. The largest major agricultural commodity is sugarcane followed by beef cattle. Other significant regional agricultural commodities include various horticulture such as melons, sweet corn, beans, mangoes and capsicum. From livestock farming to crop cultivation, the Agribusiness possibilities are wide and varied.

Starting an agribusiness venture requires careful research and planning. Before you establish a venture, you need to have a detailed understanding of the region’s agricultural conditions and market dynamics. Once you’ve decided on the type of agribusiness you wish to establish, you need to source appropriate land. In many cases, this will involve negotiating and finalising property transactions.

Next, you need to ensure you receive all the necessary permissions to operate, ensuring you remain compliant with all relevant regulations, including environmental laws and water rights. Depending on the scale and nature of your operation, you may also need to organise financing and insurance cover.

Finally, it is important to make sure that you structure the ownership and operation of the venture in the most tax effective way whilst also protecting what can be significant assets.

Starting an agribusiness can be complex and challenging, but with the right advice and guidance, it can also be incredibly rewarding. As specialists in Townsville Agribusiness, the team at CBC can provide the legal support you need every step of the way.