What you need to know when losing your licence!

What you need to know when losing your licence! CBC Lawyers

What about a work licence?

What is a work licence?

A work licence is a restricted licence you can apply for should your licence be suspended. It can allow you to drive to and from work or use a vehicle while you are at work. For example, if you are a delivery driver and are required to drive as a part of your job, then you can apply for a work licence to involve such duties. Work licences will require evidence from your employer that it is needed for your employment. You can only use your work licence for driving in relation to work. You cannot use it for any other purposes or you risk further suspension, termination of your work licence and fines.

Can I apply for a work licence?

You can apply for a work licence if you can prove:

  • You are a fit person to hold a drivers licence having regard to the safety of other road users and the public
  • Need your licence for your employment; and
  • Without your licence you would be in extreme financial and/or family hardship.

You are not entitled to apply for a work licence if you satisfy the following:

  • Are on a provisional or learner licence;
  • Have been charged with:
    1. drink driving range with BAL of 0.15 or greater;
    2. dangerous driving; or
    3. driving with a cancelled licence.
  • In the past five (5) years you have been convicted of:
    1. Driving on a suspended or cancelled licence;
    2. Have been disqualified from holding a licence;
    3. Have been charged with drink driving; or
    4. Have been charged with dangerous driving.

Contact us to discuss your eligibility for a work licence for all other traffic offences.

Is there a time limit?

Yes, you have to apply for a work licence within 21 days of your licence being suspended.

What can I do with a work licence?

If you are granted a work licence you will be able to drive to and from work and drive during work hours in accordance with your job.

How can I apply?

Make an appointment to see one of our solicitors and we will start the application today.

Will my licence be suspended?

What is a suspension?

A suspension is where you have been charged or convicted of a traffic offence meaning you are unable to drive for a specified period of time. If your licence has expired or you are driving without a licence (due to cancellation, non-renewal or not having a licence) this is not a suspension. Such offences involve a cancelled licence and the penalties are more severe.

For how long will it be suspended?

Each case is different depending on the offence you have been charged with. You can lose your licence from as little as one month to as much as 5 years. Make an appointment to see one of our solicitors and they can advise you on the range for your suspension.

How can I have the suspension reduced?

    1. I have little or no traffic history
  • This is a factor our solicitors can put to the court to help reduce your suspension
  • Generally, the more in your traffic history the higher the suspension
    1. I was only just over the limit
  • The higher your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAL) the longer the suspension you will receive
  • If you are charged with lower range or middle range drink driving we can use this to ask the courts for a lesser suspension

3. I have never had my licence suspended before

  • If you have never had your licence suspended before our solicitors can put this to the court to help reduce your sentence

4. Losing my licence will have a great impact on my job

  • Consider whether you can apply for a work licence

5. Are there any other factors that can reduce my suspension?

  • Factors such as age, family background, personal circumstances and impact on your life and employment can all be factors in reducing a suspension. Our solicitors will use every avenue possible to get you the shortest suspension possible

Will I get a fine?

Yes, all traffic infringements and charges carry a fine. What offence you are charged with will determine your fine. The below table shows some offences and the range of fines and suspension that follow. Please note this table is as at 1 July 2015 and fines and suspension period are subject to change. Alternatively, our solicitors can advise you of the range of fines you may face and circumstances where smaller or larger fines generally apply.

OffenceFine (max)Suspension
Drink Driving (first time offence)BAL 0.05 to 0.1BAL 0.1 to 0.15BAL 0.15+Drink Driving (multiple offences)$1,649.00$2,359.00$3,298.00$7,068.001 month to 9 months3 month to 12 monthsMinimum of 6 monthsUp to 2 years
Driving with a suspended licence$4,400.001 month to 6 months
Driving with a disqualified licence$6,600.002 years to 5 years
Driving when immediately suspended$4,400.002 years to 5 years
Driving without a licence$6,600.00N/A

This table does not reflect people who are convicted of multiple offences or who are charged while on good behaviour. Re-offenders and people charged when on a good behaviour bond face more serious fines and suspensions. If you have difficulty paying a fine we can ask the court to refer your fine to SPERS which will set up a payment plan that you can follow.

Can I go to jail?

For some traffic matters, not only can you face suspended licences and hefty fines, you can also risk periods of incarceration and probation. For serious offences such as driving without a licence, driving with a disqualified or suspended licence, drink driving offences, drink driving while on a suspended, restricted or disqualified licence, reckless or dangerous driving and other serious driving offences you can face a term of imprisonment. Make an appointment with one of our solicitors to discuss all possible outcomes as a result of your traffic infringement or driving offence.