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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Sandra Clive, one of our Principals, leads our litigation and dispute resolution team.

Unlike the vast majority of litigators in other firms, who practice exclusively in litigation, Sandra has almost twenty years of experience practising in all areas of the law. Sandra is therefore able to consider all issues, no matter what area of law, that are relevant in a dispute, and plan the best strategy for each matter. This unique ability, together with Sandra’s immense passion for her clients’ cause, has enabled Sandra to consistently achieve fantastic outcomes for the firm’s litigation clients, even in the most complex matters.

Sandra personally case manage all of CBC’s litigation files to ensure all clients receive the benefit of their experience and talent. In addition, unlike most litigators, who brief barristers at significant cost to the client, Sandra and other members of CBC’s litigation team personally conduct the majority of all conferences, court appearances and some trials, providing considerable cost savings to CBC’s clients. Further, with the intimate knowledge of the file that can only come from working on it on a daily basis, by personally attending conferences and court appearances, and conducting some trials, CBC’s litigation team achieves much better outcomes for their clients than firms that brief a barrister who has limited time to read a selection of relevant documents, often at the last minute, prior to attending important conferences and court appearances.

With their considerable commercial experience, CBC’s litigation team are business minded and take a common sense approach to resolving disputes, with a focus on resolving disputes at an early stage in the most cost effective manner. If however a dispute cannot be resolved on this basis, the team have the skills, experience and determination required to litigate the matter to the best possible outcome to our clients.

CBC’s commercial, assertive litigation and dispute resolution team can resolve all of your litigious problems including:

Deceased Estate Disputes
(Challenging Wills)
Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Company and
Business Disputes
Leasing, Tenancy and
Property Disputes


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