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Criminal Law

Sandra and Michael Clive principals of the firm, lead CBC’s crime and traffic team. Sandra and Michael have many years of litigation experience including acting for clients who have been charged with offences ranging from summary offences and traffic offences through to the most serious of crimes.

With that experience, and their practical, reassuring manner, Sandra and Michael can reduce, or even remove, the anxiety and worry that inevitably comes with being charged with any of these types of offences.

CBC can solve all of your crime and
traffic offence problems, including:

Traffic Offences
including Work Licenses
Offences of Violence
(including Domestic Violence Offences)
Firearm or Dangerous Weapon Offences
Murder and
and Theft


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 LEAVE IT WITH US No legal problem is too tricky for husband-and-wife law firm owners Michael and Sandra Clive. After Michael started working at a firm where Sandra was Managing Partner, Sandra and Michael didn’t know they would end up partners in practice and in life but with their shared values, goals and interests, it’s no surprise that they are such a successful duo. “My mates tease me that “I ‘married the boss’ when they hear I used to work for Sandra” Michael laughs. “In 2009, we bought highly respected law firm Crosby Brosnan and Creen, which I operated while[...]
Charged with a criminal offence? Here is what you need to know. Our criminal law team explains your rights when dealing with the police.