Buying or selling a home or residential unit can be one of the largest financial transactions that you will enter into. It is also a complex transaction, with complicated legal issues, and the involvement of various parties, including real estate agents, banks, government departments, the other party and their lawyers. The consequences of any oversights or mistakes could have a severe impact on your enjoyment, and the value, of your important investment. For example if you don’t complete the transaction on time, for any reason, you could lose your deposit and be sued.

CBC’s residential conveyancing files are conducted by highly trained, specialised, professional conveyancing consultants in our residential conveyancing division, the Conveyancing Cottage. These consultants, who have more residential conveyancing experience than most lawyers, are able to provide a better, more cost effective, conveyancing service than lawyers.

The friendly and experienced staff at the Conveyancing Cottage will take the stress, worry, and risks out of the conveyancing process for you. They understand the conveyancing process and are committed to providing the best service to you. This includes keeping you informed every step of the way, returning your phone calls, and ensuring that the transaction is done correctly and is completed on time.

In the very rare situations where our consultants do need assistance, they can call on the support of our qualified and experienced property lawyers.

In addition to standard house and land conveyances, we are also able to represent you in any other matters that involve the transfer of ownership of houses and land such as transferring ownership to a company, trust or superannuation fund to protect the asset and/or obtain taxation benefits, or to transfer property between parties following a relationship breakdown.

We have the resources, experience and skills to act for parties in the largest, most complex transactions and disputes.

At the same time, with our attitude and culture we are just as comfortable assisting individuals.

Non Residential

Our experienced commercial and property team are able to solve all of your non-residential conveyancing problems, including conveyances of commercial land and buildings, commercial units, rural properties and businesses.


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